Friday, September 26, 2008

Medal of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, 1781

"Her nose was aquiline and, as such noses generally do, became more pronounced with age. Although increasingly elaborate hairdressing concealed the notorious forehead, there was nothing to be done about the Habsburg lower lip, other than ignore it, as the artists tried to do, concentrating on the Queen's short and pretty upper lip."
Fraser, Antonia. "Marie Antoinette". Weidenfeld & Fraser, London, 2001. Pag 111-112.

Bronze medal bearing the profile portraits of King Louis XVI of France, on the obverse, and of Queen Marie Antoinette, on the reverse. Of all the medals related to the Queen this one features the most accurate (non-idealized) portrait of her.
Medal engraver: Pierre Simon Benjamin Duvivier (1728-1819).
Date: 1781.
Diam. 72 mm.

Médaille en bronze de Louis XVI et Marie-Antoinette.
Avers: ludovicus XVI Franc[iae] et Nav[arrae] Rex. Buste du roi de profil à droite.
Revers: Mar. Anton. Austr. Franciae et Navarr. Regina. Buste de la reine de profil à gauche. Grav. Du Vivier 1781.
Graveur : Pierre Simon Benjamin Duvivier (1728-1819).
Date: 1781.
Diam. 72 mm.


Anonymous said...


I nnotice that I have at home the same medal you have bought trhough Internet.
Could you inform me of its market price ?
Thanks a lot.

The Hidden Collector said...

Hello Bertrand,
This medal, in good condition, will be worth around USD $400.00.

Lauren said...

What great pieces you have!

Anonymous said...

I was interested to see that we have the same Duvivier medailles! I purchased mine also over the internet for around USD $300 about 1 year ago. When I took the medaille to an expert on such pieces in Geneva, I was disappointed to find out that mind was a restrike made during the reign of Charles X in the 1830s. The telltale sign was the seam around the rim. Such medailles although equally aesthetically pleasing to the originals AND cast from the original Duvivier dies, are worth in fact USD $200-250 as they were made in great quantity to celebrate the restoration of the Bourbons.
Let me know if you have heard anything similar. I still hope this expert was wrong. Marie is lovely in any case... best wishes for the continuation of your lovely collection, and compliments on your list of favorite films... many are also my favorites!

Anonymous said...

I just found from my search on Internet this medal of Louis XVI which looks very similar to the one I have, i.e of about 56 mm, in bronze, with the "éphigie" of Louis XVI and written,on the face : LUDOVICUS XVI REX - CHRISTIANISSIMUS and at the back "HONOS ET VIRTUS'.
Is this medal known to you ? and what is appoximate value ?
Thanks for your reply.
Michel Gérard.
21 August 2009.
Email :

kimberly said...

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Julian said...

The detail I loved the most about this medallion was how accurate a portrayal it is of both the King and Queen. The only film I found that also had a very realistic looking actress playing Antoinette was Jefferson in Paris.

I also have this medal and payed very little for it. I am not certain where the seam is that DSQ mentions. Mine says "Bronze" with some kind of symbol or something next to it - too tiny to read.

I loved it so much I started looking at other French medals and now have several "Mariannes." Like you, I am also very interested in the Queen herself and antiques related to her. I am looking at several busts which are available and trying to decide on the best one to get.

I was told that you could not really tell when these medals were struck, but it seems that you can. Is there a reference work about these that you know of?

Wonderful collection, by the way.

Anonymous said...

quisiera saber si esa moneda que se ve es en plata y que pudiera costar hoy en dia disculpe y gracias se lo agradeceria mucho. saludos

Anonymous said...

Hello. I also have one of these in nice condition with the little "BRONZE" and figure on the side. I would like to know exactly how to tell if I have a 1781 or an 1830 restrike. Where exactly is the telltale seam that was talked about? Outside? Inner part of the rim where the step down is? And what do the two types look like? Rich

Anonymous said...

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